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A Photography Salon Software features included but not limited to : Entrant Photograph Upload, Admin Payment Verification, Judging, EDAS Preparation, Automated Catalogue preparation, Automated Accepted Images Gallery and more.

All Websites hosted by Pixel Clash is SSL Secured. Our Cloud Servers are Auto Scalable, Fully Load Balanced & Contents are delivered through CDN (content delivery network)

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Pixel Clash has been above excellence and is known as a pioneer product worldwide.

  • Photography Salon / Circuit / Exhibition Software.
  • National Online Presence
  • International Online Presence in more than 60 + Countries.
  • Customizable as per Requirement.
  • 24 X 7 Tech Support.

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Pixel Clash -A Photography Salon Software is sufficiently UxD and UI based Web Application to screen every photography salon / circuit / exhibition / competition / contest  organizer’s requirements in real time.

We have parted the PIXEL- CLASH into three major sections

a) PCRM (Pixel Clash Registration Module)

b) PCAM (Pixel Clash Administrative Module)

c) PCJM (Pixel Clash Judging Module)

  • Submission System

    • Photography Salon/Circuit upload system or Submission System
    • Photography Salon/Circuit/Exhibition/Competition/Contest will be hosted on organizer’s own domain with full SSL Support
  • Features of Upload System

    • User can upload photographs & update profile till last date
    • Organizer can carry out PRINT or DIGITAL Salon, Circuit, Exhibition, Competition, Contest
    • We have a special feature for entrant to generate and download bar-code sticker and paste it on the backside of their photograph or entry
    Photograph Upload system


    Our System automatically sets file name as your image title.– so if title is PIXEL CLASH; your file name should be PIXEL CLASH.jpg.


    • Organizer can configure different categories or sections
    • Organizer can change image count per section
    • Organizer can configure 4 images per section or 5 images per section & so on..
    • Organizer can set different rules for image sizes like Height X Width or put a cap on size in MBs.
    • Photograph Upload System is smart enough to judge whether the image matches the criteria specified in the rules
    • Photograph Upload System do not accept photographs which has special characters in the title and has more than 35 characters
    • Photograph Upload System do not accept same title for two different images in same section
    Organizer can show live status with paid / due , print received/ print not received on website.
  • Judging System

    We have two types of Judging System

    • Online (Digital)
    • Offline (Digital & Print using bar-code)

    Judging System Features

    • It has flexible scoring options A)1 – 5 , B) 16 -25 , C)YES/NO
    • It has Special Acceptance Round feature to adjust approx 25% or 35 % acceptance
    • It has inbuilt feature of crosschecking Duplicate Author at the time of awarding prize.

    • On Spot! Result Declaration and Publish
    • Then & There Automated Individual Score Card
    • Automated Digital Acceptance Certificate 
    • Automated Digital Participation Certificate
    • Automated Catalogue Generation
    • Awards & Acceptance Gallery (*IN STYLE)
    • EDAS Generation as per Specified Format (PSA ,FIAP ,FIP ,ISF ,MOL & more..)

Recognition & Proud Moment

AvTvISO : Covid -19 Solidarity Response Fund

New View Photography Club

Wildlife Photography Association of India

Circuit : Primus Gradius

Digital India Circuit 2020

Fotocult Circuit 2021

Received With Thanks

Pixel Clash Photography Salon Circuit Exhibition Judgement Software

Pixel Clash – A Photography Salon Software features includes but not limited to : Upload, Administer, Judging, EDAS, Catalogue, Accepted Images Gallery and more.

Price: 1000

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: “MAC”, “WINDOWS”, “LINUX”, “IOS”, “ANDROID”