Pixel Clash, a Photography Salon Software


Photography is an emerging passion and art to capture every essence of life. A Photography salon is a platform for enthusiastic photographers to share their art and to be evaluated by professionals in this field. Otherwise, photographers learn to develop their skills and get recognition in a photography salon that helps them in their future endeavours. A photography salon also connects creative minds across geographical boundaries and we learn about culture, ethnicity, demographics, occupation and so many things through the lenses of the photographers. Photography constitutes a major portion of the visual culture globally nowadays and a salon helps to enrich and preserve this culture for the successive generation. But arranging a photography salon has always remained a troublesome job for the organisers because of the lack of proper technology, skilled manpower, availability of the judges, and lengthy duration to manage a database of entries.

Pixel Clash is a photography salon software that helps clubs and organisers throughout the world to escape all the hurdles on the way to organising a photography salon. Our software and the technical team help the organisers to manage the databases of so many entries according to their category. It ensures a hassle-free and secured payment system and email management system to remind the entrants about all the deadlines and due payments.  Pixel Clash helps clubs to organise photography salons both offline and online. Through our live judging system, the judges can allot scores to every individual even sitting in the comfort of their home.  Pixel Clash started its journey in August 2010 as an initiative of Stint Global India Private Limited. We organised our first salon in 2011 and currently, we are serving more than 50 clubs across the globe. We have served more than 300 events still now. In 2020, when the world experienced a complete shutdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we developed our software and expanded our reach so that enthusiastic people can share their ideas through their lens when living a quarantined life. 

1. Why choose us? 

Pixel Clash photography salon software is the most user-friendly and secure photography salon software you will get in the market. We offer various plans according to the scope and reach of an organiser. Pixel Clash is managed by a group of skilled professionals who are always ready to support you whenever you face any trouble in organising a salon through our software. Our product provides various options to their users like Entrant Photograph Upload, Admin Payment Verification, Judging, EDAS Preparation, Automated Catalogue Preparation, Automated Accepted Images Gallery, and more. We are still developing our software based on your suggestions and recommendations. We preserve the data of all photography salons so that the organisers can use it in the future if the necessity arises. Our cloud servers are auto-scalable; Fully Load Balanced & Contents are delivered through CDN (content delivery network). All websites hosted by us including our website are SSL secured. So you stay tension free regarding the security of payments. 

2. Mission

  1. To reach reputed clubs across the globe to share innovative ideas for photography.
  2. To create a platform for virtual education for photography enthusiasts.
  3. To help the organisers arrange a photography salon/circuit/competition with less manpower and fewer resources.
  4. To connect photographers and photography experts across the world virtually, even during the crisis moments of a global pandemic like COVID-19.
  5. To preserve photography lectures of the experts, catalogues of salons, and scholarly articles on photography in our cloud database so that future amateur photographers and researchers can use those for education. 
  6. To connect the culture of ethnic communities and indigenous people living in several parts of the world through the art of photography. 
  7. To inspire people to organise salons/circuits/competitions not only for pleasure or education but also for noble causes like helping poor and affected people. 
  8. To perform our corporate social responsibility through education and charity. 

3. Our Plans (directly from the homepage)

4. Our Clients (collage)

5. Photography Education

Pixel Clash Education is an initiative by Stint Global India Private Limited to promote photography education worldwide. The initiative is directed at creating skilled manpower in the area of photography. In this era of globalisation, photography has crossed the boundary of human passion; there are huge demands for skilled photographers in several corporate and educational sectors like print and electronic media, modelling, advertisement agencies, scientific research, anthropological research, archaeological research, and so on. We have already started preserving videos of lectures and live demos by photography perfectionists in our cloud database and youtube channel so that the learners can watch and learn the arts and techniques of professional photography. sponsoring webinars by renowned photography professionals for the sake of photography enthusiasts. We organise webinars and host/co-host in-person events with photography clubs and societies. Gradually we are creating a platform for future research in the field of photography and its development throughout the ages.

6. Future Plan

Pixel Clash has set an ambition to create an education platform for photography professionals and amateur photographers. We have plans to organise virtual and face-to-face workshops so that photographers can go through the interaction with the masters of photography. We have already started a virtual workshop every week. We have set our plan to organise grand workshops in Indian megacities like Kolkata and Delhi so that interested photographers can come, share, and learn based on face-to-face interaction.  Pixel Clash has also planned to start or collaborate with a professional academy for photography-related courses.   

7. Awards and achievements

  1. MP circuit certificate of recognition, 

8. Corporate Social Responsibility

SGIPL is devoted to educating young minds about the art of photography freely through virtual lectures and a free database for photography-related lectures and articles. Otherwise, we are sponsoring events which are organised for a noble cause like helping the people in disasters and pandemics. We recently sponsored Saints in Need, Kolkata which was organised to help the Amphan-affected people. 

9. How does Pixel Clash work? 

Pixel Clash -A Photography Salon Software is sufficiently UxD and UI-based Web Application to screen every photography salon/circuit /exhibition /competition /contest organiser’s requirements in real-time.

We have divided the PIXEL CLASH into three major sections

a) PCRM (Pixel Clash Registration Module)
b) PCAM (Pixel Clash Administrative Module)
c) PCJM (Pixel Clash Judging Module)

Submission System

  • Photography Salon/Circuit upload system or Submission System
  • Photography Salon/Circuit/Exhibition/Competition/Contest will be hosted on the organiser’s own domain with full SSL Support

Features of Upload System

  • User can upload photographs & update profile till the last date.
  • Organiser can carry out PRINT or DIGITAL Salon, Circuit, Exhibition, Competition, Contest.
  • We have a special feature for the entrant to generate and download bar-code sticker and paste it on the backside of their photograph or entry.

Photograph Upload system 

  • Our System automatically sets the file’s name as your image title.– so if the title is PIXEL CLASH; your file name will be generated as PIXEL CLASH.jpg.
  • An organiser can configure different categories or sections
  • An organiser can change the image count per section
  • An organiser can configure 4 images per section or 5 images per section & so on.
  • An organiser can set different rules for image sizes like Height X Width or put a cap on the size in MBs.
  • The Photograph Upload System is smart enough to judge whether the image matches the criteria specified in the rules. 
  • Photograph Upload System does not accept photographs which have special characters in the title and have more than 35 characters. 
  • Photograph Upload System does not accept the same title for two different images in the same section. 

An organiser can show live status with paid / due, print received/ print not received on the website.

Judging System

We have two types of judging systems: 

  1. Online (Digital)
  2. Offline (Digital & Print using bar-code)

Judging System Features

  • It has flexible scoring options A)1 – 5, B) 16 -25, C)YES/NO. 
  • It has a Special Acceptance Round feature to adjust approx 25% or 35 % acceptance. 
  • It has an inbuilt feature of crosschecking Duplicate Authors at the time of awarding the prize.

Reporting in Style

  • On Spot! Result Declaration and Publish
  • Then & There Automated Individual Score Card
  • Automated Digital Acceptance Certificate 
  • Automated Digital Participation Certificate
  • Automated Catalogue Generation
  • Awards & Acceptance Gallery (*IN STYLE)
  • EDAS Generation as per Specified Format (PSA ,FIAP, FIP ,ISF ,MOL & more..)